Rubber Hose Manufacturer Malaysia
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Established in 1970, Tan Kor Seng & Sons Rubber Works Sdn. Bhd. has been designing, manufacturing and exporting various high quality rubber products required by heavy industries using the brand names CROCODILE and TKSS.

We are the largest manufacturer of custom dry-rubber based products in Malaysia and South East Asia.
With the dynamic foresight of management, our overseas markets continue to expand and now have customers in Australia, Indonesia, Japan, Netherlands Antilles, New Zealand and Thailand. Some of our products include hoses, moulded articles, rubber sheeting and rubber mats. Our products cater to various industries, including Dredging, Oil and Gas, Industrial Hoses, Railway, Construction, Marine, Automotive and Mining.

With years of experience, Tan Kor Seng & Sons Rubber Works Sdn. Bhd. is able to offer high quality products and excellent service. Our laboratory is equipped with modern testing equipments to ensure that all products conform to internationally accepted standards such as BS, ISO, ASTM.

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